Simultaneous Call Transmission (SCT) • January 2022 - December 2022

Project Overview

Simultaneous Call Transmission (SCT) - In Collaboration with Collins Aerospace


There have been instances in the past at airports where aircraft have collided on runways due to miscommunication between pilots and air traffic controllers. This was due to multiple people trying to broadcast a message on the same radio channel. As a result, the messages were garbled and misunderstood, and pilots of different aircraft crashed because they thought they were cleared to takeoff. The incidents have claimed many lives. As a result, there needs to be a way to make airport communcations and airports safer overall.

Supplemental Reading: Tenerife Airport Disaster


To reduce the level of confusion between pilots and air traffic controllers, our team is working on an algorithm to detect when multiple people are broadcasting on the same channel. This algorithm alerts all users on the channel that there are multiple people communicating simultaneously. This will alleviate pilots’ and air traffic controllers’ concerns with runway collisions at airports, resulting in no casualties due to transmission errors, and make air travel safer for everyone.

Final Simulation Model

Complex DC Baseband Simulink Model

Final Algorithm Prediction Results

Anomaly Detection Graphs (Red Line = Ground Truth; Blue Line = Prediction)


Overall, we had a blast with this project. It was quite a challenging project where we started with no knowledge of machine learning and ended with a working algorithm. We were ambitious with our accuracy goal of 85% to 90%. We ended with validation accuracy of 92%. It took a lot of work to get to there, as we originally had accuarcy around 70%. The simulation portion went smoothly for the most part, but we had difficulty implementing noise into our simulation. As a compromise, we fed audio into our simulation that already had noise implemented. The simulation got very complex near the end, and the final model continued to build on the original models we had. In closing, we are extremely proud of our work and feel that we have an adequate simulation and algorithm to pass onto the next team to continue the second phase of this project.

Legacy Semester 1 Simulation Models

I-Q Demodulation Model

Complex Baseband Model V1

Complex Baseband Model V2

Team Members

Hani El-Zein

Data Simulation & Research

Hani is senior in electrical engineering originally from Coralville, IA. He is focusing on power systems.

Sullivan Jahnke

Project Manager and Machine Learning Co-Lead

Sullivan Jahnke is a Senior majoring in Software Engineering. He also serves as an equipment manager for the Iowa State Cyclone Men's and Women's Basketball teams.

Tyler Mork

Data Simulation, Reports, & Research

Tyler is a Senior in Electrical Engineering focusing on power systems. He is also learning to be a pilot.

Json Rangel

Data Simulation, Research, & Webmaster

Json (pronounced 'Jason') is a senior in electrical engineering with a focus on communication systems. He also has a background in music technology.

Austin Rognes

Machine Learning Co-Lead & Research

Austin is a Senior in Software Engineering with a minor in Cyber Security.

Dr. Andrew Bolstad

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Andrew Bolstad is an adjunct assistant professor of electrical engineering at Iowa State University. Before joining the faculty at ISU, he was a member of the technical staff at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. He received his PhD and MS degrees from the University of Wisconsin and his BS degree with distinction from Iowa State University. He is interested in statistical signal processing, sparse signal processing, nonlinear digital compensation, and machine learning.

Semester 1 Weekly Reports

Report 1 (Jan. 25, 2022 - Feb. 6, 2022)
Report 2 (Feb. 7-13, 2022)
Report 3 (Feb. 14-20, 2022)
Report 4 (Feb. 21-27, 2022)
Report 5 (Feb. 28, 2022 - Mar. 6, 2022)
Report 6 (Mar. 7-13, 2022)
Report 7 (Mar. 21-27, 2022)
Report 8 (Mar. 28, 2022 - Apr. 3, 2022)
Report 9 (Apr. 4-10, 2022)

Semester 2 Bi-Weekly Reports

Bi-Weekly Report 1 (Sep. 2-16, 2022)
Bi-Weekly Report 2 (Sep. 17-27, 2022)
Bi-Weekly Report 3 (Sep. 28, 2022 - Oct. 11, 2022)
Bi-Weekly Report 4 (Oct. 12-25, 2022)
Bi-Weekly Report 5 (Oct. 26, 2022 - Nov. 8, 2022)
Bi-Weekly Report 6 (Nov. 9-22, 2022)

Design Documents

Design Document 1 (Jan. 25, 2022 - Apr. 24, 2022) (OLD)
Design Document 1 (Jan. 25, 2022 - May 2, 2022) (Current Revision)
Design Document 2 (Final Report, Jan. 25 2022 - Dec. 7 , 2022)
Final Poster (PDF)
Final Poster (JPG)

Lightning Talks & YouTube News Report

Elevator Pitch (Feb. 27, 2022)
Requirements, Constraints, and Engineering Standards (Mar. 6, 2022)
Project Plan (Mar. 13, 2022)
Design Talk (Mar. 27, 2022)
Testing Talk (Apr. 3, 2022)
YouTube News Report (Apr. 10, 2022)